Three Peaks Press


The mass-production of books by giant industrial corporations involves variation in quality and frequent waste of resources and talent.

Yet there is still scope for readers and writers to appreciate the care and attention given by small independent publishers to the exhilirating process of creating a new book.

Modern digital technology apparently takes us ever further away from the craft tradition of letterpress, in which each book is a lovingly produced artefact.

In fact, the best elements of that tradition:

  • attention to detail;
  • attractive & effective text design;
  • close involvement between writer and publisher at every stage of production;
  • are alive and flourishing within the printing processes of today.

These are the values Three Peaks Press aims to embody.

The growing list of exciting publications from Three Peaks Press focuses on spirituality and poetry.

The warm reception of these books from Three Peaks Press has shown that it is still possible to provide writing of quality in beautiful editions at an affordable price, for a discerning audience.

We invite you to browse the site to find out if there is anything of interest to you, and then get in touch to place an order.